Vitiligo [Switra] – The White Patch

Vitiligo is a common chronic and progressive skin disease characterized by a lack of melanin pigments producing skin patches with sharp and often hyperpigmented edges. Approximately 1% of the global population is affected by this disease. Vitiligo etiopathogenesis is still unknown to date, although the multifactorial nature of its clinical expression is quite clear.

The therapy involves careful evaluation of the patient’s general, psychological, and clinical image, as well as identification of the appropriate dosage of the medication to be administered and patient monitoring during the treatment period.

Initially referred to as Kausikasutra and later established benchmark treatments by Charaka Samhita of Ayurveda. Information on Vitiligo disease and treatment in the light of the scientific research conducted by TechnoAyurveda to get rid of this dangerous cosmetic condition-Vitiligo, white patches.

To date, more than 7500 patients have used this medicine and have been relieved of the problem. You can consult the doctor in person or by mail and discuss the detailed treatment schedule.

Psoriasis [Kitibha]

Skin disorders are one of the main classes of health problems in general practice Ayurvedic care for the number of skin disorders has also increased dramatically. Fortunately, Ayurvedic Medical Literature has provided substantial information on the diagnosis and management of skin disorders.

Psoriasis is a chronic, recurrent, non-allergic, non-contagious, papulosquamous skin disorder and is a complex phenomenon, the etiology of which is uncertain, with a wide variation in the severity and distribution of skin lesions. It is one of the most important skin disorders due to its frequency, persistence, and/or recurrence and the tendency to disable the proportion of skin disorders it affects. It can occur in both sexes, more common in the 3rd or 4th decades of life. It typically follows an erratic, recurrent path, marked by remissions and exacerbations of uncertain onset and duration. Factors that may lead to more injuries include drug reactions, respiratory infections, cold weather, emotional stress, surgery, and viral infections.

The planning of treatment depends on the predominance of doses involved in psoriasis. It’s Vata, predominantly here. Various modalities of Panchakarma are applied to patients along with scientifically developed Ayurveda medicines. TechnoAyurveda has been effectively treating this terrible disease for ten years.

You can consult the Doctor in person or through the mail and discuss the detailed treatment schedule.

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