Help us feed stray animals

The Coronavirus has locked people inside their houses, forced thousands of people to die, and now it is affecting animals. These four-legged furry creatures are starving as the lockout has left them looking out for food on the streets.

Several animals have starved to death for days since the Janta Curfew. Hundreds of them roaming around here and there for tidbits of food.

Stray animals are seen roaming along India ‘s streets. They rely on public scraps such as passers-by, shops, and so forth. Hundreds of pubs , bars, bakeries, stores, and businesses were shut tered during the lockout. Many stays still exist in horrendous conditions and they’re starved to death by the lockout. Sometimes the strays depended on people who had kindly set out water in containers.

These animals suffer, without any means of food and water. When Maneka Gandhi has issued a directive that the stray animals can be fed. Yangpsychology and team have put together a strategic plan for feeding the animals

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