5 ways to be happier

This might sound impossible to imagine but underneath the belief that success is an option, there is a lot of reality. While biology and the conditions of life play a role in your degree of satisfaction, you have power over a lot of it. Of default, shaking your fingers is impossible and you agree to be content. Yet if you put your day of compassion, appreciation, and even frivolity, you’ll actually feel more cheerful. Why do you do that, then?

5 ways to boost your level of happiness

  • Reconnect with what brings you joy

Everybody has hobbies which they used to love, from kicking around a baseball to taking art lessons. Perhaps a busy life or ageing body dragged you out of your routine or made you feel like you would leave. Whatever the cause you’ve stopped, give those fun things another shot. Reconnecting with what you want to do is an simple way to raise your happiness.

  • Get in the zone

Have you ever been so busy in something that time appears to be stood still and all your worries appear to be gone? It is called being at a flow state. It’s a condition of complete dedication to the job at hand, so it will improve your satisfaction. Playing a musical instrument in a good book and getting lost are reminders of how you can get into the wind.

  • Find novelty in everyday life

Your brain is drawn to new or novel stuff. You reflect on the current moment when you are paying attention to something different, which will raise feelings of joy. Engage the imagination to discover something different, or to see something different. You needn’t go jumping bungee off the Eiffel Tower. Start with something small, like lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds. Even if the clouds and grass aren’t fresh, every cloud is different, and be honest, when was the last time you did this?

  • Put yourself first

There will always be something you “should” be doing. That to-do list will never end. It’s up to you to find balance. If you keep a calendar, add something at least once a week that’s just for you. Let your family know that this is a priority, so you don’t risk canceling as soon as something else pops up.

  • Immerse yourself in nature

Spending time with nature will reduce depression and bring strength, reverence, appreciation, and sympathy for feelings. The natural universe serves to remind us that on this planet they are just little creatures, which gives them a better understanding of the whole. Everything revives and nurtures. This is one of the best fortune-telling instruments.


  • Create a list of the things you used to love but gave up over the last few years. Pick one to reconnect with and devote two weeks or more to it. See if this task leaves you happy, then talk about finding time again.
  • Spend outside, at least 10 minutes a day. Look out for the trees , grass, water , wind or something else that surrounds you.
  • Consider things that have made you both happy and unhappy in the past. Make a list and let it help guide your path to happiness.

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