Benefits of Yoga for Women

The benefits of yoga that are often specifically appreciated by women include:

  • Helping you to deal with hormonal changes during your cycle and during menopause.
  • Soothing worry and anxiety caused by a health crisis or serious diagnosis.
  • Lessening the stress and reducing the severity and frequency of anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Improving your posture.
  • Improving your appearance through standing taller, feeling more confident, and more effective weight management (Cespedes, 2018).

Furthermore, while we discussed some of the benefits of yoga on Post traumatic stress disorder earlier, it is worth noting that it can be especially effective for women who have experienced trauma of some kind.

A group of women who had been diagnosed with PTSD was trained by the Trauma Clinic at the Legal Education Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts to partake in intensive Yoga therapy. Over the span of several weeks, the women attended eight 75-minute Hatha yoga sessions.

Women who took part showed substantially decreased signs of PTSD relative to people in a talk therapy sample (Novotney, 2009). It does not reflect the typical PTSD yoga performance, but there are at least a few occasions where it is as successful as having a certified clinical practitioner! Yoga is certainly worth a try, at that price (free or really cheap).

Those who engaged in a talk therapy program showed dramatically decreased symptoms of PTSD compared with women (Novotney, 2009). It does not reflect the typical yoga outcomes for PTSD, but at least there are some situations where it is as successful as having a certified clinical therapist! Yoga is certainly worth a try at that price (free, or really cheap).

Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day

If you take the opportunity to do yoga, you get to spend time and resources in yourself. Whatever pace you make it, it’s still a smart call!

However, as a yoga teacher, doctor, or other knowledgeable individuals have probably told you about this practice, you can only fully harness the power of yoga if you regularly and frequently do it.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga every day?

It depends on who you ask, but you’ll probably get answers like:

  • Yoga just makes you feel better!
  • Yoga increases your flexibility.
  • Yoga helps you be more productive with your time.
  • Yoga gives you more energy.
  • Yoga boosts your metabolism.
  • Yoga helps you focus and become more mindful.
  • Yoga helps you sleep better.
  • Yoga can improve the health of your skin.
  • Yoga strengthens your joints.
  • Yoga lubricates and strengthens your spine.
  • Yoga can improve your posture, both in and out of yoga class.
  • Yoga can reduce your anxiety.
  • Yoga enhances your sense of gratitude.
  • Yoga may inhibit or combat inflammation in the body.
  • Yoga increases your strength.
  • Yoga improves your balance (Newlyn, 2016B; Russo, 2017)

You may get some of these benefits by practicing yoga once in a while, but to maintain these benefits you will need to commit to a more regular yoga routine.

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