How do you know you are mentally healthy?

Mental health is a state of balance between individual and the surrounding world, a state of harmony between oneself and others, coexistence between the realities of the self and other people and the environment.

Check if you are mentally healthy:

  • A mentally healthy person has the ability to make adjustments.
  • He/she has a sense of personal worth.
  • He/ she solves problems largely by his own effort.
  • He/ she can make own decisions.
  • He/ she has a sense of personal security.
  • And feels secure in a group.
  • He/she can give or accept love.
  • He/she lives in a world of reality rather than fantasy.
  • He/ she may develop a philosophy of life that gives meaning and purpose to his/ her daily activities.
  • He/ she may have a variety of interests.
  • Lives a balanced life of work, rest, and recreation.
  • He/she has a sense of responsibility.

Shows understanding of other people’s problems and motivations.

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