The Relationship Between Yoga and Psychology

While you might be familiar with the physical exercise that we call yoga, yoga is really much more than relaxing and maintaining poses; yoga is a more systematic activity — indeed, a lifestyle — that incorporates many concepts of life, such as:

  • Yama (moral code)
  • Niyama (self-discipline)
  • Asanas (postures or poses)
  • Pranayama (mindfulness of breathing)
  • Pratyahara (detachment from senses)
  • Dharana (concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation or positive, mindful focus on the present)
  • Savasana (state of rest)
  • Samadhi (ecstasy; Ivtzan & Papantoniou, 2014)

You can find that only asanas and savasana are based on physical interactions. The rest of its economic, emotional, and moral issues experience.

It is because yoga is a lot more concentrated on the “inner” experience of the practitioner than their own”Outside” experience (i.e., to think about an outsider’s view).Body. An authentic tradition of yoga needs introspection, thought, and earnest it’s the importance of self. It’s the way to communicate with our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own beliefs, Close the doors to our core beliefs deeper and truer self.

Looked at in this way, it’s hard to see yoga and psychology as a separate subject! However, as well as Near us, there is a link between yoga and psychology, etc.

Yoga and Positive Psychology

The relation between yoga and positive psychology is strong; while yoga began with a slightly different focus, it is now commonly practiced as an attempt in the West. Improving well-being (Ivtzan & Papantoniou, 2014). Well-being, of course, is a priority Positive psychology concept, which describes the widespread use of yoga in treatments and drills.

Therefore, yoga provides an excellent opportunity to flow in, the state of being fully engaged and present at the moment without paying attention to the passing time. Practicing yoga can help people develop knowledge , create confidence and strengthen their ability to concentrate on what’s at hand.

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