The Philosophical beliefs of Psychiatric Nursing Practice

Psychiatric nursing is a profession, possession, it’s unique history ideology, knowledge, and skill. Psychiatric nursing is a specialized area of nursing practice, employing, the wide range of explanatory theories of human behavior as science and purposeful use of self and it’s art (American nursing association, 200)

  • The individual has intrinsic worth and dignity and each person is worthy of respect.
  • Each person functions as a holistic being who acts on interact with and react to the environment as a whole person.
  • All behavior of the individual is meaningful. It arises from personal needs and goals and can be understood only from a person’s internal frame of references and within the context in which it occurs.
  • Behavior consists of perception, thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Individuals vary in their coping capacities which depend on the genetic endowment, environmental influence, nature and degree of stress, and available resources. All individuals have the potential for both health and illness.
  • The goal of nursing care is to promote wellness maximize integrated functioning and enhance self-actualization.
  • An interpersonal relationship can produce change and growth within the individual. It is the vehicle for the application of the nursing process and the attainment of the goal of nursing care.
  • The psychiatric nurse uses knowledge from psychosocial and biophysical science and theories of personality and human behavior. from these sources, the nurse derives a Theoretical framework on which to base the nursing practice.

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